Clay Rope

Clay rope is a fire clay extruded in a plastic tube to provide ease of handling and prevent dry-out freezing. It is successfully used to check run outs in steel, foundry, and smelting operations. Clay rope is manufactured in 5/8” and 1” diameter rounds and flats (1-1/2” thick x 4” wide) to fit any sealing need.


Foundry - Used at a rate of one foot per ton of iron in ingot mold foundries, clay rope prevents run outs and costly fin formation. It performs a similar function when used between the cope and drag in standard molding operations.

Continuous Caster - Clay rope form a complete seal between tundish cover and tundish box.

Steel Mill - Clay rope prevents leakers and fins between ingot mold and stool. After pouring it becomes a powder which is easily blown away with an air hose.

Smelting - Clay rope is excellent as a seal for furnace tops and a packing around electrodes to arrest heat loss.

Other sizes may be available, contact your local Exochem distributor for more information.