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Other Areas

Carpenter Brothers, Inc.
7100 W. Donges Bay Road
Mequon, WI 53092

E-Mail: cbi.info@carpenterbrothersinc.com

Toll Free: 800.558.9244
Tel: 414.354.6555
Fax: 414.354.6610


Specialty Foundry Products, Inc.
1130 Raimund Muscoda Rd.
Bessemer, AL 35020

E-mail: cbrandon@specfoundry.com

Toll Free: 800.633.4399
Tel: 205.424.0307
Fax: 205.595.5190


Del Sol Industrial Services, Inc.
531 St. Thomas Dr.
Canyon Lake, TX 78133

E-mail: lwhite@delsolservices.com

Tel: 830.935.4430
Fax: 830.935.4048

Western Canada

Inproheat Industries, Ltd.
680 Raymur Ave.
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6A 2R1

E-Mail: info@inproheat.com

Tel: 888.684.6776
Fax: 604.254.6377