Mold Seal & Core Paste

Exochem Corporation has brought molding processes to a new age. One that keeps up with the fast pace demanded by all industries today and reaches previously unobtainable levels of effectiveness and efficiency. Exochem Corporations Mold Seal is a continuous beading cope and drag sealant that's easy and fast to apply to help eliminate runout. It is placed on the outside edges of the casting cavity in the drag prior to closing the mold. When the cope is placed on the drag, the mold seal compresses to a super thin film to maintain the dimensional accuracy of the casting during all four seasons. Mold Seal will not harden until the heat from the casting comes in contact with it. Then it becomes an adhesive, developing in excess of 200 lbs. tensile per square inch. During shakeout, the mold seal can be recycled with the spent molding. It can be utilized with all current binders.

Consult with your Exochem representative on the application method that will best suit your foundry's needs.

EPC-FS: Our fastest bonding paste for use with all core binders. EPC-FS features high initial “tack” and rapid air drying. EPC-FS is water resistant after drying and is available to you in handy plastic dispensers. Total cure in 15 minutes.